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Asic Miners

Asic Miners

ASIC miners, or Application-Specific Integrated Circuits, are pieces of hardware that are specifically designed for one particular use, rather than for a general purpose.

Immersion Cooling

Immersion Cooling

Immersion cooling is a technique used in Bitcoin mining to cool down the mining equipment, mainly the computer hardware known as ASICs that are used to mine Bitcoin.

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BITMARS was established in 2017, supplying a variety of miners and relevant miner parts. We concentrate on the blockchain industry with professional technicians and experienced sales staff. We are highly recognized by the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Russia, and other countries worldwide.

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From the over past years, we have customers all over the world, and help them keep growing from bear to bull market.

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Brand New Bitmain Antminer S19j pro 104T 29 (1)

Если вы намерены серьезно заниматься майнингом, то заказывайте только у Bitmars, я много у кого заказывал и могу точно сказать, что здесь всё сделают быстро и четко, а главное в сроки уложатся, а не будут отвечать днями и неделями. На S19 90t j1-11 была самая низкая цена по рынку. Не перекупы, все что нужно было в наличии Хорошее отношение к клиентам. Что редкость. Со всем помогли и проконсультировали по интересующим вопросом.Короче,все рассказали, объяснили, оформили быстро. Доставка вовремя, апарат рабочий. Рекомендую


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Выбирали долго поставщика и момент покупки оборудования. с Summer на связи уже больше года и её терпению можно позавидовать. по итогу когда решились к закупке она дала лучшие цены из наличия и под заказ, решили взять с наличия аппараты. работать с такими людьми приятно.


S19j Pro+ 120T 27 (3)

I had a very good experience with Bitmars, I bought S19, they gave me a big price discount, thay are professional, patiently, effectively, answered all the questions i asked. its very good compay.
Bitmars is reliable supplies, they have a professional team work together with high quality services and lower price. I will come next time for it.

John Doe

Whatsminer M50 Miner 118TT BTC Bitcoin Miner 3068W Asic (1)

Whether the cryptocurrency market is bull or gloomy.
The company already exists and the product quality is good.
There was a problem with the miner I bought before, they replied on the same day and tried their best to help me solve it.


Zcash Miner Z15 Pro ZEC Equihash Air-cooling Miner (1)

BITMARS is a reliable supplier , we have worked for two years more, their service is good, patient, all goods with fast shipment except for preorder. we can get the good in a week after order releasing. we have a nice shop with BITMARS!


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I have been working with BITMARS More than two years, bought S19, L7, K7 KDmax from them, BITMARS is reliable supplier with reasonable prices and fast shipping. I am very happy to Work with them. They often answered and solved my questions in time. Thanks!


iPollo V1 3600MH

I bought a few iPollo miners from BITMARS for the first time. I gotta say, their prices were way better compared to others. And they were quite helpful with the installation, by shooting me an installation video after I received it. I can't think of anyone better than them. Looking forward to more deals in the future!

John Doe

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