Please note that the platform only allows payments via Coinbase. If your preferred payment method is Offline Payment or Wire Transfer, please get in contact with BITMARS team via email or online chat so we can assist you further with the order placement.

Way 1: Coinbase Commerce (Cryptos). Place an order directly on the website and pay for the cryptocurrency(Currencies accepted USDT, USDC).

Way 2Offline Payment

USDT TRC20: TUDRYSray4VHHjsgns1npHBapgG75qiRBh

USDT ERC20 : 0x038cdc888075aaa4cb9c137b440671cab6c44484

USDC TRC 20: TUDRYSray4VHHjsgns1npHBapgG75qiRBh

USDC ERC 20:0x038cdc888075aaa4cb9c137b440671cab6c44484

微信截图 20230816183355

Way 3: Bank transfer

Sensitive countries, Russia, Iran and other countries cannot accept it. Before making the payment, you need to confirm with the finance company whether it can be received, and the transfer can only be done after verifying the customer’s account.

Beneficiary Name Bitmars Group Inc
Beneficiary Account Number 8089012176
Bank Routing Number: (domestic wires) 322070381
Bank Routing/ Swift Code: (international wires) EWBKUS66XXX
Receiving Bank Name East West Bank
Receiving Bank Address 9300 Flair Drive, 4th Fl. EI Monte,CA 91731


Please read all terms of shipment and payment before placing your order. 

BITMARS has Four warehouses, Shenzhen/Hong Kong/Mosscow/USA/SPAIN warehouse. Our orders will be shipped from one of these four warehouses.

All mining products include postage; some products do not include postage, such as miner parts, immersion cooling system and mobile mining, if you need to place an order please contact us to account for your shipping costs.

1 – Packaging details: carton packing / per unit

2 – Worldwide delivery(Customer Request Acceptable): UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT and Special Express Line (double-clear tax lines and door-to-door service for countries such as Thailand and Russia)

3 – Port: Shenzhen / Hong Kong / Mosscow / USA

4 – Lead time: in 7 days after payment

Note: If you have any questions about the logistics information, please contact us immediately. We will track your shipment and get back to you as soon as possible.

Fedex Fedex 3-7 days 3~7 business days
UPS UPS 4-8 days
TNT TNT 3-8 days
DHL DHL 3-7 days
EMS EMS 5-15 days
DPEX DPEX 3-6 days
Aramex Aramex 3-9 days
SPSR Russia Express-SPSR 14-25days

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