Goldshell KA-BOX Pro 1.6T KASPA Miner(without PSU)

Model KA BOX from Goldshell mining KHeavyHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 1.6Th/s for a power consumption of 600W.

Due to rapid market changes, miner prices may fluctuate multiple times even in a short period. Please confirm the price with our sales before making payment.


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The Goldshell KA BOX Pro is the apex of home mining for KASPA. It’s an advanced solution for Kaspa currency aficionados. With its impressive efficiency and quiet operation, this miner is an excellent complement to any home mining setup. Experience the power of 1.6 TH/s at only 600W, all housed in a compact and stylish form.


Pre-order June.batch, May 31st batch, Spot.

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KA-BOX PROGoldshell KA-BOX Pro 1.6T KASPA Miner(without PSU)
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