Troubleshooting for Hydro

Failures in the network, components, power supply, and environment may render hydro inoperable. By observing the indicator lights, operate status and Kernel Log, you can judge the reason why hydro is not operating and the hashrate is low (0). This article aims to help you figure out the main fault phenomena and causes of hydro, and propose solutions. It […]

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Possible Problems and Solutions for ANTMINER Z11

*NOTE: Ensure your miner is operating with the latest Bitmain official firmware The hashrate shown on the miner status is normal but low hashrate shown in the pool. Solution: upgrade the latest firmware: How to reload or upgrade firmware> \ High Rejected Rate Solution: Upgrade the latest firmware. If the fault persists, check whether the

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Viruses, Malware and Remote Attacks on ANTMINER – How to prevent and remove them?

ANTMINER Antivirus Software Video Tutorial: We have recently received feedback from customers that their mining farms have been compromised by malicious attacks. Most of them observed that their mining pool worker names got tampered with and their miners were misused in other pools they didn’t sign up for, resulting in loss of profitability. This happened

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BITMAIN Antivirus Software Instructions

*Note: Please think over before detecting/killing. Pause during checking/killing viruses is not supported! Watch the Video Tutorial via the Link: Models supported currently: S17 pro,S17,T17 S15,T15 S9(C5),S9,S9i,S9j,S9k,S9SE,T9,T9+,S11 L3+, L3++ Z11, Z11e, Z11j D5,B7,DR3,DR5,X3 Brief introduction to function: Miner management, setting fixed IP, upgrading firmware, setting up; (this version is only used for virus detection and antivirus)  [Warm

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Treatment Method for ANTMINER Anti-virus

Method 1: SD card Recovering Antivirus Tutorial: 1. A3, D3, L3, L3+ and X3 series miner SD card recovery tutorial: 2. S9 series (S9j, S9i), T9 and T9+ miner SD card recovery tutorial: 3. Z9, Z9mini and V9 miner SD card recovery tutorial: 4. S17/S17Pro/S9 SE/S9k/Z11 SD card recovery method for using

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The miner is unstable

Abnormal Performance The miner restarts automatically The hashrate is unstable Reasons and Solutions Interference. The miner is an electronic product and is sensitive to electromagnetic interference. When the control signal is interfered, the miner may restart. When the chip is interfered with, it may cause abnormality of the chip or hash board. Generally, it can

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Network Bandwidth and Load

The formula for calculating the number of servers and bandwidth requirements: Network bandwidth (Mbps) = number of servers (sets)/150. For example, for a computing power center running 3,000 servers, the upstream and downstream bandwidth of enterprise broadband should not be lower than 20Mbps.     There are currently two types of broadband: Dedicated line, the

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